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Bill's Thoughts on the Issues

Having served two terms on the Alexandria City School Board and being involved in community activities for years, Bill know the challenges facing our city. Learn about how our city can achieve equity and excellence though Bill's professional and personal experiences with our city's top issues.

Roadways, bridges, water management, existing facility roofs, and sustainable maintenance practices need to be top priorities. Pay it now or pay lots more later, but pay it we must. Good infrastructure benefits cities like our and is the number one way to use our tax dollars for equitable causes.

High quality education for all must always be the goal. Funding schools to help eliminate disparate outcomes remains my top priority. Motivated students, high quality leaders, skillful teachers, and unwavering support from staff and community pays off and build better community resources.

Our City Council can never do too much to build sustaining affordable housing. I am committed to supporting housing project and access in our growing community - especially post-pandemic. Federal, state, and local tax credits and public-private partnerships remain tools to help us achieve our goals. 

Employment & Business
We must continue to support our small businesses with a solid infrastructure, tax incentives, and rental/lease supports. Increasing youth employment opportunities and maximizing youth community service options are also community building targets.

Health & Human Services
For at least another year, the COVID pandemic remains our city's top priority. Concurrently, our city will benefit in the future by beginning to map a path for post-pandemic life.

Alexandria City must focus on sustainable practices that we can do now for our community and our citizens. Discouraging car dependency, maintaining quality green spaces, and maximizing the use of public transportation options can be supported now.